Donate for Farooq’s Artificial Leg

Donate for Farooq’s Artificial Leg

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Muhammad Farooq's Story

After the accident, Muhammad got a prosthetic leg that helped him live a somewhat normal life. But over time, the prosthetic has become old and unreliable due to wear and tear. Now, he faces the challenge of navigating life with a worn-out leg due to limited financial resources. We urge you to donate for Farooq’s artificial leg. He can regain his ability to walk with even a contribution of as little as $10. His life will be significantly improved with the artificial leg, and he wouldn’t have to rely on others.

Muhammad Farooq, a 39-year-old resident of Kamoke, experienced a life-changing accident four years ago while working on a construction site. His left leg was severely crushed, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, due to a lack of adequate blood supply and the development of gangrene, his leg had to be amputated. Since then, he has been relying on a prosthetic leg for mobility, which has served him well for the past three years. However, the prosthetic leg has now worn out, and Muhammad urgently needs a new artificial leg to regain his independence and mobility.

He lives in a rented house with his wife and three children. He doesn’t have enough money, and it’s tough for him. He can’t afford a new artificial leg, and it feels like an impossible goal. Every day, even simple things are hard, and he feels helpless and sad.

“I dream of reclaiming my independence and confidence, and your generous contributions can make that dream a reality.”

Farooq’s case has been registered with Transparent Hands, and we are determined to provide him with a new artificial limb. Now, all we need is your support. Be the hope for this struggling man looking for a better life. We urge you to donate for Farooq’s artificial leg as much as you can so that his quality of life can be improved.

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