Donate for Huma Saqlain’s Septoplasty

Donate for Huma Saqlain’s Septoplasty

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Huma Saqlain's Story

Before you dive into the gory details of Huma Saqlain’s ailment, please know that you can help her. Your donation, however small it may be, will help Huma Saqlain live better. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Huma Saqlain’s Septoplasty. 

Four years ago, Huma Saqlain suffered from blocked nasal passage. When the blockage persisted for long, Huma went to see a doctor. After tests and x-rays, Huma was diagnosed with bilateral sinonasal polyposis and DNS. Sinonasal polyposis refers to the presence of multiple benign polyps in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. 

To treat Huma Saqlain’s horrible condition, the doctor has advised a Septoplasty. A septoplasty is a surgical procedure to straighten the bone and cartilage, dividing the space between two nostrils (septum). Moreover, Huma Saqlain needs to undergo Functional endoscopic sinus surgery. 

Unfortunately, Huma Saqlain is unable to afford the hefty cost of her surgery. Huma Saqlain’s husband passed away a long time ago. Huma, herself is a retired teacher who runs her household on her pension which is PKR 41000 per month. With utilities and school fees, Huma is hardly left with any savings. Therefore, she is in no position to bear the hefty cost of her nasal surgery. Huma Saqlain told us: 

“It has been a while since I breathed painlessly. Life has become so difficult. Even breathing has become a luxury I can no longer afford. Whoever is reading this, I request you to please help me end this misery that has been inflicted upon me.”

A friend told Huma Saqlain about Transparent Hands, and she requested us to register her case with us. Thereupon, we have assured her that Transparent Hands will arrange her surgery for free. Now, all we need is your help, please donate as much as you can and help us put her out of her misery. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Huma Saqlain’s septoplasty now!

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Huma Saqlain's Story

Huma Saqlain, aged 51 years, a resident of Karachi, was suffering from a blocked nose for the last two years. She went to the doctor. She was diagnosed with a deflected nasal septum (DNS) and sinonasal polyposis by the doctor. The doctors advised her for septoplasty and functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). Her surgery was done at Patel Hospital, on 06-07-21, by Prof. Talha Ahmad. She had a good post-operative recovery during two days of his hospital stay and was discharged in a satisfactory condition.

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