Donate for Ihtisham’s Arm Prosthesis

Donate for Ihtisham’s Arm Prosthesis

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Ihtisham Nadeem's Story

Ihtisham’s life has been full of difficulties because of his disability. An artificial arm can improve the quality of his life, but he cannot afford to pay for it due to financial constraints. We request you to donate for Ihtisham’s arm prosthesis as much as you can.

Ihtisham Nadeem, a 20-year-old resident of Lahore, was born without his right arm below the elbow level. Ihtisham has been struggling his whole life because of this disability. Due to financial constraints, his family has been unable to pay for their son’s artificial arm. Ihtisham contacted us and requested us to get him a prosthetic arm. Ihtisham’s mother shared her sorrow with Transparent Hands in the following words:

“My son wants to live his life like all the other young men his age. While this disability will stay with him, an artificial arm can make his life better. His emotional well-being also depends on it. Please help him.”

Ihtisham’s father works as a tailor and barely manages to make ends meet. He supports a family of seven with his meager income. They face struggles every day. This prosthesis is crucial for Ihtisham’s emotional well-being, but it’s next to impossible for his hardworking father to pay for it.

Now that Ihtisham has been registered with Transparent Hands, we are determined to provide him with an artificial arm. Now, all we need is your support. Be the hope for this young man who is looking for a generous donor like you to live a better life. Donate for Ihtisham’s arm prosthesis as much as you can and unlock a brighter future for him. You hold his hopes and dreams in your hands. Your donation will bring happiness and smiles to this struggling family. Even a small act of generosity can make a lasting impact. 

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 Rashid S Siddiqui

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 Hope Rehabilitation Center

Donated: $ 40

Ihtisham Nadeem's Story

Ihtisham Nadeem, a 20-year-old resident of Lahore, was born without a right arm. The plastic arm he had been using for a long time got damaged. He could not afford to pay for a new one due to financial constraints. Someone told him about Transparent Hands and Hope Rehabilitation Centre and he reached out to us for help. We registered his case and his artificial arm was fixed on 01-07-2022 under the supervision of Dr.Khalid. Your donations made it possible for us to provide a new look to Ithisham Nadeem and improve the quality of his life.

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