Donate for Irfa Begum’s Nasal Surgery

Donate for Irfa Begum’s Nasal Surgery

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Irfa Begum's Story

Before you dive into the gory details of Irfa Begum’s ailment, please know that you can help her. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Irfa Begum’s nasal surgery. 

Imagine the discomfort of a seasonal cold and the ways it pulls the plug on your daily routine. You feel dizzy all the time, unable to sleep or work. The entire course of the day gets disrupted. Moreover, sleep doesn’t come as a relief either as you constantly shift sides to find a comfortable position to breathe freely. Unfortunately, thirty-one years old Irfa Begum has been living with these symptoms for as long as she can remember. Irfa Begum has been suffering from the deviated nasal septum (DNS) for the last six months. DNS is a deviation of the nasal septum from the normal center of the nasal cavity. This causes nasal obstruction and blockage of the respiratory tract.

To treat this condition, the doctor has advised her to undergo submucosal resection (SMR) surgery. This is a procedure to correct the deformity of nasal septum so that air in the nasal passages can flow freely. 

Unfortunately, Irfa Begum cannot afford the hefty cost of an SMR surgery. Her husband is the sole earner of the family. He works as a daily wage worker and hardly earns PKR 700 per day. In this meager income, it is very difficult for him to arrange for his wife’s surgery. Irfa Begum told us:

“My husband and I went to several local hospitals. But, unfortunately, due to COVID 19 and the closure of hospitals, we could not secure a date anywhere. Now, Transparent Hands is our only hope.”

As a last resort, Irfa Begum has requested Transparent Hands for help. We have assured him that we would arrange for her surgery as soon as possible. Now, all we need is your help. We request you to donate for Irfa Begum’s nasal surgery

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Irfa Begum's Story

Irfa Begum, aged 31 years, suffered from chronic nasal obstruction that adversely affected her day to day life. She could not sleep because it became really difficult for her to breathe. On medical consultation, she was diagnosed with deviated nasal septum and was advised surgery for its correction. For this purpose, Irfa was admitted to Maryam Memorial Hospital and her submucosal resection (SMR) surgery along with submucosal diathermy (SMD) was performed by Dr. Shaukat Ali on 20.05.2021. She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Irfa can enjoy a sound sleep now since she is able to breathe easily.


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