Donate for Ismail Khan’s Septoplasty 

Donate for Ismail Khan’s Septoplasty 

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Ismail Khan's Story

Before we dive into the details of Ismail’s ailment, we want you to know that only your help can help him get rid of his pain. Please click the button below to donate for Ismail Khan’s septoplasty. May the kindness you put out in the world finds its way back to you.

Twenty years old Ismail Khan is a student of first year in college. He has been suffering from deviated nasal septum (DNS) for the last 19 years. In this condition, there is deviation of the nasal septum from the normal centre of the nasal cavity. This causes nasal obstruction and blockage of the respiratory tract. 

To treat Ismail Khan’s horrible condition, the doctor has advised a Septoplasty. A septoplasty is a surgical procedure to straighten the bone and cartilage dividing the space between two nostrils (septum). We urge you to donate for Ismail Khan’s septoplasty.

“Sometimes, I get the feeling that my head is so heavy, it would explode. Even my vision gets blurred and there are waves of vertigo. I cannot recall a time when I breathed freely. I have been suffering in these conditions for as long as I can remember. I cannot bear it anymore. Please help me.” -Ismail Khan 

Ismail Khan’s father passed away a long time ago. Now, his elder brother is the sole earner of the family. Due to the poor financial situation, he cannot arrange for his brother’s surgery.

As a last resort, Ismail Khan has registered his case with us. Thereupon, we have assured him that Transparent Hands will arrange his surgery for free. Now, all we need is your help, please donate as much as you can and help us put him out of his misery. Donate for Ismail Khan’s septoplasty now!

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Ismail Khan's Story

Ismail Khan, aged 20 years, a resident of Takht Bhai suffered from nasal obstruction while breathing. Upon medical evaluation he was diagnosed to have deviated nasal septum. For this purpose he underwent a surgery which did not prove effective. With time his suffering increased and he got himself re-examined and was advised to undergo septoplasty by his doctor. For this purpose he was admitted to Ahmad Medical Complex, where his septoplasty was carried out by Dr. Syed Mudasir Shah on 16.02.2021. He was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition after two days of stay. Ismail Khan has had a swift post-operative recovery and he looks forward to leading a healthy life.

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