Donate for Jehan Ara’s Angioplasty

Donate for Jehan Ara’s Angioplasty

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Jehan Ara's Story

Before we dive in to the details of Jehan Ara’s multiple ailments, please know that only your donation can save Jehan Ara from pain. So please donate for Jehan Ara’s Angioplasty and ease her pain. 

55 years old Jehan Ara hails from the town of Charsadda. 30 years ago, Jehan Ara suffered a fall while doing house chores and severely injured her hip joint. The doctor prescribed some medicines.  He also told her to take some time off her daily routine and rest. Jehan Ara willfully obliged but little did she know that the rest will prolong to a lifetime. 30 years have passed and not a day goes by in her life when she doesn’t need painkillers. Seeing her permanent discomfort, the doctor has advised Jehan Ara to undergo a total hip replacement surgery.

Jehan Ara came to Transparent Hands and we arranged for her TAH. However, before the surgery the doctor advised her to undergo an Angioplasty for cardiac fitness. We request you to please donate for Jehan Ara’s Angioplasty.

“I have spent 30 years, a lifetime enduring pain and discomfort. Every year I dread winters because the pain becomes the worst in changing weather. I was ready for my hip replacement surgery when the doctor told me I needed an angioplasty too. I request you all to please donate and put my life out of misery.” – Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara and her entire family of 7 is financially dependent on her son. He works as a manual labourer with a construction contractor. Her monthly income is entirely dependent on whether her son finds work or not. In these measly circumstances, Jehan Ara is unable to bear the financial distress of her cardiac procedure. 

Through her doctor, Jehan Ara got to know about Transparent Hands. With a lot of hope and anticipation, Jehan Ara has registered her case with us. We believe that Jehan has suffered enough for a lifetime. Please donate for Jehan Ara’s Angioplasty and help her continue her usual course of life.

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Jehan Ara's Story

30 years ago, Jehan Ara, aged 50, a resident of Charsadda fell while doing household chores and injured her right hip joint. She was prescribed medication and rest, but the pain gradually became worse. Recently, Jehan Ara sought medical assistance and the doctor diagnosed her condition with severe osteoarthritis affecting her right hip joint. She is advised for a total hip replacement surgery after necessary preparations.

Considering her cardiac status, her doctor advised Angioplasty to strengthen the heart and prepare her for the advised surgery. On 07.01.2021, she was admitted to Northwest General Hospital and Research Center where her Angioplasty was done by Dr. Abdul Rahim Khan. She was discharged from the hospital after a day, in satisfactory condition. Now she is being taken care of at home. Hopefully, complete rehabilitation will pave a path for her second procedure soon.


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