Donate for Mahnoor Ramzan’s Arthroscopy

Donate for Mahnoor Ramzan’s Arthroscopy

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Mahnoor Ramzan's Story

Mahnoor Ramzan has been suffering from pain for a while now and she is hoping for a savior like you. Only you can unlock a healthy future for her. We urge you to donate for Mahnoor Ramzan’s Arthroscopy without any delay.

Mahnoor Ramzan, an 18-year-old resident of Lahore, had an accident eight months ago. She sustained trauma to her right knee. Mahnoor’s parents took her to the the hospital. She was treated symptomatically, but it did not bring her any relief. The doctor advised Mahnoor to get an X-ray and MRI scan for further diagnosis. The reports revealed that she is suffering from Lateral Meniscus Injury. A meniscus tear develops when the knee is suddenly rotated while the foot is placed on the ground. A tear might also occur gradually as the meniscus loses elasticity. In this situation, a part of the material may break off, creating frayed edges.

She was advised to undergo Arthroscopy. The torn components will be repaired after her procedure as indicated during this procedure. But, unfortunately, she cannot afford the procedure. Mahnoor’s distressed mother told us:

“I have already lost Mahnoor’s father, and now I get worried to the core even if one of my girls sustained a little scratch. My daughter is suffering. Please help us.

Mahnoor is a student and lives with her mother and four sisters. They faced financial constraints when Mahnoor’s father passed away a while ago . Mahnoor’s mother is a housewife. They are completely financially dependent on Mahnoor’s uncle. This surgery is important for Mahnoor’s well-being and future.

Mahnoor’s distressed mother contacted Transparent Hands and we immediately registered her case. We are determined to help Mahnoor. But we need your help. Your donations, no matter how little or big, will free her from the pain that she is suffering. Please donate for Mahnoor Ramzan’s arthroscopy.

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Mahnoor Ramzan's Story

Mahnoor Ramzan, an 18-year-old resident of Lahore, sustained trauma to her right knee eight months ago. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed with a Right Knee Meniscus Injury. After the diagnosis, she was advised to undergo Arthroscopy and repair of her damaged knee components. Hence, she was sent to Lahore Care Hospital to get her procedure done by Dr. Naveed on 09-03-2022, She was discharged the following day in a stable condition. Mahnoor is now much better and living a pain-free life. 

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