Donate for Muhammad Ihtisham’s Tonsillectomy

Donate for Muhammad Ihtisham’s Tonsillectomy

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Muhammad Ihtisham's Story

Thirteen-year-old Muhammad Ihtisham hails from the Mardan district of the country and suffers from the painful condition of chronic tonsillitis. For those of you who cannot relate to Muhammad Ihtisham’s pain, chronic tonsillitis refers to a persistent infection of the tonsils. The infectious cycle keeps on repeating, which leads to the formation of crypts in the tonsils. Consequently, foul-smelling spots accumulate in these crypts. A year has elapsed since Muhammad Ihtisham first felt what it feels like to be a victim of tonsillitis. Symptomatic treatment doesn’t seem to be working at this point of the infection, a stage that necessitates the patient undergoing a tonsillectomy. 

Tonsillectomy refers to a surgical procedure in which tonsils are removed. It may sound as if the process is too painful, however, the operation is not likely to cause the patient too much pain. It is a scheduled surgical procedure with a recovery time of a couple of days. Now, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the procedure, but the fact that it will cost the patient a fair bit of fortune cannot be ignored either. Sort of dilemma that Muhammad Ihtisham and his family are trapped in right now. 

“I stitch clothes to support our seven-membered family (says Ihtisham’s mother) and everyone knows that is NOT enough. The maximum I make is 11,000 PKR/ month, and managing provisions in this scant amount is as tough as it gets. Ihtisham’s father left us, and now I have to see my son suffer from pain. Sometimes, life is just not fair”

Well, there is still a bit of hope left for Ihtisham’s family. And that hope is Transparent Hands. The thirteen-year-old boy’s family is putting a lot of faith in Transparent Hands, and we are not going to disappoint them! But we need your help! All that you have to do is donate for Muhammad Ihtisham’s tonsillectomy and DONATE NOW!  

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Muhammad Ihtisham's Story

Muhammad Ihtisham Alam, 13 years old, suffered from recurrent episodes of fever and sore throat. He also faced a lot of difficulty in swallowing solid foods. On consultation, the ENT specialist diagnosed his condition as chronic tonsillitis and advised surgery. For this purpose, Ihtisham was admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and his tonsillectomy was performed by Dr. Syed Mudassir Shah on 29.11.2020. His enlarged tonsils were removed successfully. He was discharged in a satisfactory condition after a hospital stay of two days and has recovered well from his surgery. 

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