Donate for Muhammad Ismail’s Staged Urethroplasty

Donate for Muhammad Ismail’s Staged Urethroplasty

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Muhammad Ismail's Story

Muhammad Ismail is a four-year-old boy, who suffers from congenital penoscrotal hypospadias. This is a condition in which a baby’s urethra is located where the penis & scrotum meets. Ismail’s condition requires urethral reconstruction, and the surgical procedure that can achieve this goal is known as urethroplasty. The surgery involves stages for reconstruction of the urethra which is not developed beyond the point of abnormal opening. Exactly what Ismail has been prescribed as well, but exactly what the little boy’s family can’t afford either! 

Muhammad Ismail would have undergone this treatment already, only if his parents were financially strong enough. You see, his father works as a labourer in Saudi Arabia. And the 30,000 PKR he sends every month home are hardly enough to meet the needs of the seven-membered joint family. Muhammad Ismail’s mother doesn’t know when her boy’s sufferings will be over, but she prays that such a day may come soon. She says:

“Ismail’s father works all day long abroad, and the honestly earned money that he sends home is barely enough to meet the expenses. The cost of surgery that Ismail has been prescribed is a number we would never be able to crunch with only one stream of income. My boy needs some help, and he needs it now. I am not sure if we have any options except Transparent Hands left in our arsenal. It scares me to think about the future if this doesn’t work out as well”

Transparent Hands is going to do everything it can to ensure that Muhammad Ismail gets the treatment he has been advised. But we are going to need your help in accomplishing this feat as well. And the best way to help Muhammad Ismail is to DONATE for his urethroplasty, as much as you can. Your donations can put an end to a child’s pain & misery! 

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Muhammad Ismail's Story

Muhammad Ismail, 4 years old, was born with an abnormal opening of his urinary passage. On medical consultation, his condition was diagnosed as penoscrotal hypospadias. In this disorder, the opening of the penis is located where the shaft meets the scrotum. The physician advised surgical correction of the defect. For this reason, Ismail was admitted in Akram Medical Complex and his staged urethroplasty, Bracka I surgery was performed by Dr. M. Bilal Mirza on 27.02.2021. He stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Ismail’s health has improved a great deal since his surgery.


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