Donate for Muhammad Nasir’s Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Donate for Muhammad Nasir’s Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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Muhammad Nasir's Story

Life is not a bed of roses, especially for men like Muhammad Nasir. 34 years old Nasir hails from Multan and suffers from avascular necrosis of femoral head, a condition in which there is not enough supply of blood to the bone tissues. As a result of this condition, death of bone tissue can occur. In Nasir’s case, it is his right hip that has been damaged. How this happened in the first place is also a sorry tale. Nasir fractured his leg in childhood but didn’t have the resources to get it treated. And since then, his injured leg has been getting in the way of progress as far as his life is concerned. But now, things have reached a point where something needs to be done. And what needs to be done is a total hip replacement surgery. A procedure that can put an end to Nasir’s lifetime misery.

A total hip replacement is a procedure in which the damaged cartilage is removed and replaced with suitable prosthetic components. All it takes is three months healing period post-surgery before a patient can resume daily life activities. And, for someone like Nasir, it is nothing compared to a lifetime of pain and misery. But there is a catch. Nasir belongs to an underprivileged family and because of his avascular necrosis in the hip, has not been able to earn enough money in life, so far.

“They say a hip replacement will change my life completely. But without enough funds at my disposal, it seems like walking properly is a joy that I will never be able to afford. Unless of course, someone helps me, perhaps those who read about me on the Transparent Hands website.”-Muhammad Nasir

Well, now that you have read about Muhammad Nasir’s sorry tale, it is time to do something about it. In fact, there is only one thing to do about it. And that is to DONATE. So, we are asking you to help the chap by donating for his total hip replacement surgery!

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 Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Trust Hospital

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Muhammad Nasir's Story

Muhammad Nasir, 34 years old, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his right hip joint. He was unable to walk and bear weight on his leg. The doctor recommended a total hip replacement surgery. So, for this purpose, he was admitted in Bakhtawar Amin Memorial hospital and the surgery was performed by Dr. Muhammad Adeel Razzaq on 25.11.2020. Nasir’s total hip joint replacement was done. He stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a stable condition. He is slowly getting back on his feet.

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