Donate for Mujahid’s Artificial Leg

Donate for Mujahid’s Artificial Leg

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Mujahid Ali's Story

21 years old Mujahid Ali hails from Okara and belongs to an impoverished family. His father is a labourer and supports a family of 6 members. Mujahid is a labourer too and he used to help his father, but now is not even able to help himself. Mujahid was working in the cornfield when he got his left leg stuck into the corn machine. Eventually the leg got injured. Therefore, after the initial treatment, it had to be amputated from the above knee level. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Mujahid’s Artificial Leg.

After the emergency management, Mujahid is now in need of a prosthetic leg to try to normalize his life again. As Mujahid is a labourer and toils with his arms and legs to earn his existence. Right now, he is not earning a single penny and is dependent on his father. The earning of his father isn’t enough to afford his son with a prosthesis even if he sacrifices the bread for his family for the rehabilitation of his son. 

Mujahid says: 

“I want to get a prosthetic leg so that I can try a little bit to move towards a normal life. I don’t want to do this for myself but my father, I no more can endure the helplessness in his wet eyes.”

Getting a prosthesis would never be a replacement for Mujahid’s leg but it will keep his hope alive. Right now, Mujahid cannot afford the cost of this hope and reached out for help. Transparent Hands is just a channel, and it needs your help to ease the life of Mujahid a little bit. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Mujahid’s Artificial Leg.

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Mujahid Ali's Story

Mujahid Ali, aged 21, a resident of Okara, was working in a cornfield 2 years back. Due to a horrific accident, his leg got crushed in the corn chafing machine resulting in left above knee amputation. He was a young man who was now unable to perform his daily duties. It has been 2 years since this accident. Now, to perform his normal daily activities he required a left below knee prosthesis. For this purpose, he was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Centre where he received his new prosthetic leg after consultation with Dr. Khalid Niazi on 10.08.2021. He is very happy to get back to doing his daily chores normally.

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