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Donate for Muneer’s Prosthetic Leg

Muhammad Muneer
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Muhammad Muneer's Story

Muhammad Muneer, who hails from a small village Tobatek, is suffering from congenital absence of right leg. When Muneer grew up, he got a prosthetic leg installed which kept him on his feet for many years. Now, he is a young man of twenty-one years and the previously installed prosthetic leg has worn off due to wear and tear. This is causing hindrance in his normal walk. Therefore,  the doctor has advised him to get another prosthetic leg as soon as possible. Donate for Muneer’s prosthetic leg. 

Muneer is a university student who is currently living in a university hostel. His family is living in a village. His father is the only breadwinner of his family which includes five members. Therefore, he is unable to afford the surgical expenses of his son. Muneer is a young man and wants to enjoy his life to the fullest just like any other young man. But unfortunately, he is unable to even stand properly. His father says:

“In the 15 grand I earn every month, I have to manage a family of five. Muneer’s issue can simply be NOT fixed in such a low salary. So like any other man of faith, I have put my faith in a miracle. Maybe something magical will help my son”

Muneer and his family’s situation have been explained well in these lines. Now it is a humanitarian obligation on every reader to help this family. Your donations can create a difference. Only YOU can help this family in such a difficult situation. Donate as much as you can for Muneer’s prosthetic leg on the Transparent Hands crowdfunding portal. Your donations will enable Muneer to walk on his legs. So, donate for Muneer’s prosthetic leg. help Muneer explore the world on his own! 

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Muhammad Muneer's Story

Muhammad Muneer, aged 21, a resident of Toba Tek Singh, had one leg shorter than the other since birth. The doctors diagnosed him with congenital absence of the right leg by birth and he was advised for a prosthesis placement. He was suffering from this disability since his birth. To walk normally, he required a right above knee modular leg prosthesis. For this purpose, he was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Centre where he received his new prosthetic leg after consultation with Dr. Khalid Niazi on 12.08.2021. Now he can walk normally for the first time in his life. His excitement knew no bounds.

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