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Donate for Nabila Yaqoob’s Meatoplasty

Nabila Yaqoob
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Nabila Yaqoob's Story

Nabila Yaqoob, age 7, is a resident of the Kasur district of the country and suffers from a condition called Meatal Stenosis. Before we talk about Nabila’s family background, let us tell you briefly about the condition first. It is an ear canal defect in which narrowing of the canal takes place, leading to hearing impairment eventually. Can it be treated? Yes, and the surgical treatment prescribed for treating this type of stenosis in the ear is called meatoplasty. Meatus refers to the opening in the ear canal, and in a meatoplasty, it is the meatus that an ENT surgeon widens up. It is an effective method of treating stenosis of the meatus, but one that can cost a patient a lot of money. And that is what has been worrying Nabila’s family. From where will they arrange so much money?

Nabila’s father is a barber by profession. All he can make in a month is 10,000 PKR, sometimes even less than that! The six-membered family lives in a six-Marla house and is currently going through a financial crisis. These are worrying times for Nabila’s father as he has to choose between provisions for family or Nabila’s surgery.

“My little angel has been suffering since she was 7 months old, now she is 7 years old. Her right ear and my whole heart have been in pain all this time. Something needs to be done about her ear on an immediate basis, but how, I don’t know. I am banking my hopes on Almighty to send down angels, perhaps they will save my angel from becoming deaf permanently”-Nabila’s father

We don’t know about the angels, but as empathetic human beings, it is our responsibility to help Nabila. Transparent Hands has decided to help her, but it is not going to be possible without your support. So please, donate for Nabila’s Meatoplasty and donate now!

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Nabila Yaqoob's Story

Nabila Yaqoob, 7 years old, was diagnosed with meatal stenosis in her right ear. Her mother accidentally put acid in her ear to treat her ear infection when she was an infant. Her ear drum was damaged and she was advised surgery for it. For this purpose, she was admitted in National Hospital & Medical Center and the procedure was performed by Dr. Sami Mumtaz on 20.11.2020. Her meatoplasty of right ear was done. Nabila stayed in the hospital for one day and was discharged in a stable condition. She has recovered well from her surgery.

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