Donate for Nasreen’s Subtotal Thyroidectomy 

Donate for Nasreen’s Subtotal Thyroidectomy 

Nasreen Akhtar
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Nasreen Akhtar's Story

“We have travelled all the way from Battagram to Lahore in search of free treatment. Transparent Hands has agreed to help us. I request you to please donate for Nasreen’s subtotal thyroidectomy and ease her life.” -Nasreen Akhtar’s Husband. 

Before we explain the gory details of Nasreen Akhtar’s ailments, we want you to know that no medical jargon can explain the immense pain of Nasreen Akhtar. So please donate for Nasreen’s subtotal thyroidectomy and help us ease her life. 

Nasreen Akhtar hails from a remote village near Battagram. The village does not have proper access to necessities.  Efficient healthcare is scarce. For the past 9 years she has been suffering from a dominant nodule in the right lobe of her thyroid. This ailment has resulted in a lump on her front neck. At first, the doctor at her local vicinity treated it with medicine. However, recently, the size of the lump has increased considerably. 

Therefore, to save her from the threat of cancer, the doctor has advised her to get a Subtotal Thyroidectomy. Subtotal Thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure in which the majority of the thyroid gland is removed. However, the surgeon leaves some part of the thyroid tissue to achieve a normal thyroid function. After her doctor’s advice, Nasreen Akhtar and her husband have circled back and forth to various local hospitals in search of a free treatment but all their efforts have gone in vain. 

Nasreen Akhtar cannot afford the hefty cost of her surgery at any private hospital. Her husband is the sole earner of the family. He works as a manual labourer with a construction company and hardly earns enough to feed his family. 

Finally, as a last resort, they have registered their case with Transparent Hands. We hope that we will be able to arrange free surgery for her. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Nasreen’s subtotal thyroidectomy and ease her life.  

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