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Donate for Parveen’s Diagnostic Tests

Parveen Akhter
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Parveen Akhter's Story

Before you dive into the gory details of Parveen Akhter’s ailments, please know that you can help her. Your donation, however small it may be, will help Parveen get the right diagnosis for her pain. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Parveen’s diagnostic tests as much as you can.

Forty five years old Parveen Akhter suffered from pain in her throat. At first, she did not take it seriously. But, later she suffered from weight loss and tremors as well. At first, she could not identify the reason for it. Gradually, these symptoms became worse and she had to consult a doctor. The doctors too, could not identify the reason behind Parveen’s weight loss and tremors. Therefore, to assess her situation better, they have advised her to undergo a couple of diagnostic tests including thyroid function tests.

While these tests promise a proper diagnosis for Parveen’s ailment, these are not affordable at all. Parveen Akhter belongs to a lower socioeconomic class. Her financial situation is so bad that she cannot even afford the cost of these basic tests. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the public hospitals are not at the capacity to cater to Parveen’s needs. Parveen told us:

“At first I was at total loss of what was happening to me. Days passed by and I didn’t even know what was up. Then, one day I picked up a glass of water and due to the worsening tremor, it fell from my hand. That’s when I went to the doctor.”

After a lot of distress, Parveen Akhter has registered her case with Transparent Hands. We wish to get her the right diagnosis for her pain. But, it won’t be possible without your help. Parveen’s story has rendered us teary eyed at her helplessness. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Parveen’s diagnostic tests. Donate now and donate as much as you can. Parveen Akhter needs our help.

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Parveen Akhter's Story

Parveen Akhter, aged 45 years, suffered from body aches. She also lost weight and felt tremors from time to time. The symptoms continued for a few months. On visiting a doctor in a local hospital, she was prescribed multiple tests. Her condition remained undiagnosed. Then, her family contacted Transparent Hands for assistance. She was evaluated and diagnosed to have been suffering from goiter. Her workup was carried out in INMOL Hospital through the assistance of Transparent Hands organization. Among other tests, her thyroid scan and thyroid function tests were also done. This helped in accurate diagnosis of her condition which turned out to be simple multinodular goiter (MNG). It means that Parveen’s thyroid gland is enlarged. A subtotal thyroidectomy is advised as a treatment option for her.


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