Donate for Ramzan Bibi’s Hemiarthroplasty

Donate for Ramzan Bibi’s Hemiarthroplasty

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Ramzan Bibi's Story

Before you dive into the story, we request you to donate for Ramzan Bibi’s Hemiarthroplasty. Ramzan Bibi is from Sheikhupura. She is 74 years old and has nine family members who depend on his son, the family’s only breadwinner. Three months ago, she slipped while doing ablution. When the ointments did not work for pain, her son took her to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed her with a fracture of her right femur neck. 

The doctor recommended Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty to fix it. Hemiarthroplasty involves replacing the hip joint with a metal implant. Whereas ‘bipolar’ refers to an implant with an additional artificial joint between its two components. While many of us are lucky enough not to think twice about getting our loved ones the right kind of treatment and care, Ramzan bibi’s family has a different financial status. Her family includes a son, his wife, and six grandchildren. Her son is the sole provider for the family, and his income is not enough to bear his mother’s surgery expenses. Ramzan bibi’s son expresses his grief, saying: 

“It is heartbreaking to see my old mother in pain. In this old age, she has to endure this suffering which is even difficult for young people. My Jannat is in agony, without complaining or saying much, thinking that she should not put the burden on her son. And I am the misfortunate one who cannot do anything for her.”

Ramzan bibi’s family hopes to get enough funds so that they can pay for her treatment. Please use the resources in your possession to help those who aren’t so lucky—those impoverished people who have to think about eating a meal or getting medical help. You can contribute to surgery via the Transparent Hands crowdfunding portal. Let’s donate for Ramzan Bibi’s Hemiarthroplasty. Her family still believes there is some hope left for them, let us keep the flame of hope flickering! 

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Ramzan Bibi's Story

Ramzan Bibi, A seventy four years old lady , a resident of Sheikhupura had been suffering from a fracture of Rt.neck of Femur due to a small accident at home, sue to which she tripped and fell. After consulting the doctor, she was advised to get a Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty done. Therefore, Ramzan Bibi was admitted to PSRD Hospital. Her surgery was carried out on 11-09-2021 by Dr. Saleem Bashir. After seeing her progress, the doctors discharged her on the following day in a stable condition. Ramzan wouldn't have been able to walk again without your help.

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