Donate for Sabana’s Open Heart Surgery

Donate for Sabana’s Open Heart Surgery

Sabana Batool
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Sabana Batool's Story

Sabana Batool, 10 years old, experienced shortness of breath on mild exertion. Her lips and nails also turned blue. When the symptoms kept appearing again and again, her parents got really worried and took her to a hospital. The doctors performed an ECHO test and an angiography to assess the condition of Sabana’s heart accurately. The reports of the tests revealed that she was suffering from a condition called the Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). It is a congenital heart condition which is caused by a combination of four different heart defects. The cardiologist advised an open heart surgery for her so that this defect could be repaired.

This news came as a shock for Sabana’s parents as a cardiac surgery’s cost is way out of their financial budget. Sabana’s father is a laborer and earns only PKR 16,000 per month. Their family consists of nine members, all dependent on their father’s earnings.

“The doctor told us that our little girl has a defect in her heart and a major surgery is crucial for her wellbeing. You tell us? Which parents want to hear this kind of news about their children? We have not been able to sleep since that day since we cannot afford the surgery by any means. However, our neighbor recently told us about Transparent Hands. This is the only flickering ray of hope that is left for us.”– says Sabana’s mother

Sabana’s case is registered with us now. Your timely help could make a world of difference in this little angel’s life. So, please donate generously for her open heart surgery. Her family would be sincerely grateful for any help that is sent her way.

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