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Donate for Salma Bibi’s Tonsillectomy

Salma Bibi
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Salma Bibi's Story

Doesn’t it simply break your heart to see little ones suffer? We are not undermining anyone’s pain, but seeing children in pain is one thing that none of us can watch without being moved a little. 10-year-old Salma Bibi’s story is full of pain and emotion as well. Salma hails from the Mardan district of the country and suffers from Tonsillitis. Tonsillitis, in case you are not familiar with the condition, is an inflammation of the upper throat. It has been three years since Salma Bibi has been suffering from this condition. But now, things have gotten to a point where desperate measures need to be taken. In Salma’s case, it is Tonsillectomy.

Tonsillectomy refers to the surgical removal of tonsils. As a key part of the lymphatic system, tonsils have a major role to play in fighting the infection. But when the glands become infected themselves, then it is time to remove them for alleviating pain. This is exactly the treatment 10-year-old Salma Bibi has been recommended as well. However, while there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the process, it is quite costly as well. And managing finances for Salma’s tonsillectomy is proving to be a really difficult task for Salma’s family.

“Salma was one year old when her father died,” says Salma Bibi’s mother “The onus of running this family is on me. But even as I work hard all day, it is nowhere near enough. Just not enough to put an end to my poor little child’s misery and suffering. My mind works furiously like a calculator all day, but there are not enough numbers to add, and that is the bitter reality with which me and my daughter have to live with.”

Transparent Hands is going to help Salma Bibi, we are going to raise funds for her tonsillectomy. But we are going to need your help in achieving this feat successfully. You know the patient, you know the story. All that is left for you to do is DONATE for Salma’s tonsillectomy NOW!

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Salma Bibi's Story

Salma Bibi, 10 years old, suffered from recurrent episodes of fever and throat ache. On complete check-up, she was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis and the ENT specialist advised surgery for her. Salma was admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and her tonsillectomy was performed by Dr. Syed Mudassir Shah on 12.12.2020. Her inflamed tonsils were removed. She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. She is in good health now.


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