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Donate for Samia’s Excisional Biopsy

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Samia Muhammad Amir 's Story

Samia is a young girl who is under great stress and anxiety due to her breast lump. She also feels swelling, pain, and discomfort in her breast lump. She cannot concentrate on her studies because of her fears. Only an excisional biopsy will help her know whether her breast lump is cancerous or not. She cannot afford the cost of her surgery due to financial constraints. We request that you donate for Samia’s Excisional Biopsy and bring relief to her life. 

Samia, a 21-year-old resident of Karachi, has been suffering from pain in her right breast. She went to the doctor at the local hospital. After running some diagnostic tests and evaluating her, the doctor diagnosed her with Fibroadenoma of the right breast, also known as a common breast lump. The doctor advised her to undergo Excisional Biopsy for an exact diagnosis. It is a type of surgery used to remove a tumor and diagnose the cause of the abnormality. But as she was found to be anemic during the medical assessment, the doctor advised having multiple blood transfusions to improve her blood levels and to avoid complications at the time of the surgery.

She lives with her mother and five family members in a small house. Her mother works in a private factory and earns PKR 25,000 per month. Her mother is unable to feed the whole family with this meager income. Therefore, she cannot afford the surgical expenses. Samia said in a depressed tone:

“I am too young to deal with the fears associated with an excisional biopsy. I am under great physical and mental stress. Please help me by donating generously.”

After exhausting all other options, she reached out to Transparent Hands for help, and we registered her case. You and your donations are her hopes and the last resort. You can add many years to her life and make it possible for her to lead a healthy life. We urge you to donate for Samia’s Excisional Biopsy as much as possible. Donate today!

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