Donate for Samreen Bibi’s MV Replacement

Donate for Samreen Bibi’s MV Replacement

Samreen Bibi
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Samreen Bibi's Story

Samreen Bibi is at that stage of her life where teenagers begin to relish and cherish the beautiful phenomenon that life is. But her trembling heart doesn’t allow Samreen to view life with the same lens as her age fellows. You see, Samreen suffers from rheumatic heart disease, a cardiac disorder in which heart valves are damaged. In Samreen’s case, it is the structural abnormalities in her mitral valve. As a consequence of this abnormality, an obstruction arises at the left ventricular inflow. While the overview of the disease is reflective of serious cardiac ramifications, the good news is that there is a way in which Samreen’s scarred heart can be healed. A surgical procedure called MV replacement can bring Samreen’s life back to a normal Samreen has never experienced in her life. Unfortunately, like any other cardiac surgery, this surgery is also an expensive one. And that is why the future still looks bleak for Samreen! 

You see, Samreen’s family is going through a financial crisis currently. Her father is a laborer, and even though he puts in a massive effort in his work every day without any breaks whatsoever, the monthly income threshold doesn’t cross the hardly enough number of 15,000 PKR per month. Affording an open heart surgery, even if it is his beloved daughter, is impossible for Samreen’s father. Hear more from him about he feels about this crisis in the following lines:

“Our last hope for Samreen to get her open heart surgery was a government hospital. But since that hope extinguished, we have been living a life full of dread. We might be nine in number, living under the shabby roof of a rented house, but our hearts tremble with fear collectively, whenever Samreen is unwell. Transparent Hands has given us hope, and we couldn’t be more grateful, even if things do look a bit uncertain now”

For Samreen’s chances of surviving at life to transcend to certainty from uncertainty, you have a big role to play. Improved life for Samreen wouldn’t be possible if you don’t chip in. You know the patient, you know the story. All that you have to do NOW is donate for Samreen Bibi’s open-heart surgery NOW! 

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