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Donate for Sania Khatoon’s Lobectomy

Sania Khatoon
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Sania Khatoon's Story

Sania Khatoon has been enduring excruciating pain and needs your support to find relief. She has no other hope. We request you to donate for Sania Khatoon’s Lobectomy

Sania Khatoon, a 25-year-old resident of Kamber, Sindh, has been enduring throat pain and fever. Initially, she was treated symptomatically but the treatment did not bring her any relief. Upon further consultation, she was advised to undergo a number of tests for proper diagnosis. Her reports revealed that she had a cold nodule of thyroid. Thyroid nodules that do not absorb radioiodine are known as cold nodules, and they have a 5% chance of becoming malignant. Thyroid nodules are cold in 95 percent of cases. The doctor advised her to undergo Lobectomy. Thyroid lobectomy involves the removal of one of the two thyroid lobes while the other remains intact. This surgery is conducted when nodules are causing symptoms. But, unfortunately, Sania and her family cannot afford to pay for this surgery due to financial constraints.

Sania lives in a village with her family of 12. Her father is a laborer and hardly manages to earn PKR 20,000 a month. This meager income is not even enough to put food on the table. Sania shared her distress with Transparent Hands in the following words:

“I have been in pain for too long and it is making my life miserable. I am not able to do anything because of this pain. My parents are facing a lot of stress because they cannot afford the treatment I need.  However, I am hopeful now that we have found Transparent Hands. Please help me.”

Sania Khatoon has been registered with Transparent Hands and we are determined to help her overcome this pain. But, we need your support to provide her with the treatment she needs. Please donate for Sania Khatoon’s Lobectomy as much as you can.

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Sania Khatoon's Story

Sania Khatoon's journey to receive medical help despite her financial struggles and living in a small village in Sindh, Pakistan, is a testament to her resilience and determination. For four years, she had been experiencing throat pain, but her financial constraints prevented her from seeking medical attention until recently. Upon consulting a doctor, she was diagnosed with a thyroid nodule and was advised to undergo a lobectomy surgery.

Thanks to the skilled surgeon Dr. Shumaila Ayub and the staff at United Hospital, Sania's surgery was successful, and she was discharged the following day. This experience not only provided physical healing but also emotional healing for Sania, who had been struggling with her condition for four years. Sania is grateful to all the donors who supported her in her time of need and helped her access quality healthcare services.

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