Donate for Seema’s mesh hernioplasty

Donate for Seema’s mesh hernioplasty

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Seema Bibi's Story

Seema Bibi is going through a painful and uncomfortable condition called a hernia. It causes visible swelling and pressure in her abdomen. If she doesn’t get treatment, it can lead to serious problems like strangulation and bowel blockage. Unfortunately, she can’t afford the surgery’s costs herself. Your kind contribution can help her get the necessary surgery to improve her quality of life. Please donate to Seema’s mesh hernioplasty and make a positive impact on her life.

Seema Bibi, a 43-year-old resident of Lahore, has developed a painful and enlarged lump and scar at the site of her childbirth surgery for the last eight years. She went to the local hospital to visit the general surgeon. After a thorough evaluation and diagnostic tests, she was diagnosed with a large incisional hernia. The doctor advised her to undergo mesh hernioplasty. It is a surgical procedure used to repair a hernia. A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue pushes through a weak spot in the surrounding muscle. During a mesh hernioplasty, a surgeon places a synthetic mesh material over the weakened area to provide support and reinforce the tissue. This helps prevent the hernia from recurring and allows the damaged tissue to heal.

Due to their dire financial circumstances, Seema’s family is unable to afford the necessary surgery, forcing them to live hand to mouth as they struggle to make ends meet. The lack of resources leaves them with no viable options for addressing her medical needs.

Seema said in despair:

“I’m experiencing severe discomfort from a hernia, which is making it difficult for me to carry out my daily responsibilities and care for my family. Despite my efforts to manage the situation, it’s worsening, and I now require financial assistance for the necessary surgery to resolve it.”

Her case has been registered with Transparent Hands, and we have committed to providing her with the best medical care possible. She is counting on you to get her back to health. With your help, we can ease her suffering. Even a small donation can have a big impact. Kindly donate for Seema’s mesh hernioplasty to provide him with a healthier future.

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

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Seema Bibi's Story

Seema Bibi, a resilient 43-year-old from Lahore, embarked on a journey towards relief from a persistent medical condition. Having undergone treatment for Hepatitis C, Seema faced the additional challenge of a lower midline scar and a lump around the umbilicus and scar site. Concerned about her well-being and determined to find a solution, Seema sought medical advice, which led to a diagnosis of incisional hernia, a condition where the abdominal tissues protrude through a previous surgical incision site.

On 22nd September 2023, Seema was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, Lahore ready to take the necessary steps towards healing and recovery. Under the expert care of Dr. Ahmed Fawad, a skilled surgeon, Seema underwent a transformative surgical procedure called mesh hernioplasty. This procedure aimed to repair the incisional hernia by reinforcing the abdominal wall with a mesh implant, providing strength and stability to the area.

In addition to the mesh hernioplasty, Seema also underwent a lipectomy, a surgical procedure to reshape the abdomen. This additional step allowed her to achieve a more desirable aesthetic outcome and regain her confidence.

Throughout her hospital stay, Seema received exceptional care from the dedicated medical team at Lahore Care Hospital. The healthcare professionals closely monitored her condition, managed her pain, and ensured her comfort during the recovery process. Their expertise and compassionate support played a crucial role in Seema's successful surgery and her subsequent discharge on 25th September 2023.

The success of Seema's story would not have been possible without the support and generosity of the remarkable Transparent Hands donors. Their contributions, whether big or small, made a profound impact on Seema's life. By alleviating the financial burden of the surgery and medical expenses, these compassionate individuals enabled Seema to access the necessary surgical interventions. Their kindness not only provided relief from physical discomfort but also filled Seema and her family with immense gratitude.

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