Donate for Shahzaib Imran’s Open-Heart Surgery

Donate for Shahzaib Imran’s Open-Heart Surgery

Shahzaib Imran
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Shahzaib Imran's Story

16 years. 16 dreadful years have passed since Shahzaib Imran and his family found out that he suffers from Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). A congenital defect that has troubled Shahzaib enough to make his life a misery, TOF’s distinctive feature is that it is not one disorder. Rather, it is a combination of four different cardiac maladies. The effect on the pumping organ is simply terrible, oxygen supplies are affected, leading to the famous blue skin associated with patients suffering from TOF. None of these details, however, interest Shahzaib. The teenager who has so much to offer to this world is fighting a battle that the world has no idea about.

“A motorbike accident at the age of 14 made my chest woes even more tragic than they were already, I had to quit school in 9th grade. My condition has worsened throughout the last few years, tests reveal that the only way my condition can be fixed is to get an open-heart surgery. I don’t know how this helps me though since my family doesn’t have the means to afford a costly operation such as this”

Shahzaib’s concerns are legitimate. His father earns 30 thousand PKR monthly, out of which 10 thousand have to be paid as rent for the house the seven-membered family lives in. A surgical procedure such as open-heart surgery costs a fortune. And yet, the fainting breaths and blue lips made Shahzaib’s family think about all the possible options at their disposal. And that is where Transparent Hands comes into play. Donors at Transparent Hands are donating to Shahzaib’s cause as we speak. The question is, do you want to help Shahzaib and his family? If so, please donate for Shahzaib’s open heart surgery at Transparent Hands! We and his family are putting our faith in you!


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