Donate for Shumaila’s Prosthetic Arm

Donate for Shumaila’s Prosthetic Arm

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Shumaila Adnan's Story

Thirty years old Shumaila belongs to the Qasur district of the country. Shumaila’s arm was amputated at above elbow level, almost 11 months ago. Shumaila got gangrene on her hand and arm after intramuscular injection. Eventually, the condition got worse to the point that her arm needed to be amputated. This traumatic incident has affected every aspect of Shumaila’s life. Along with the physical challenges of not being able to do many tasks independently, the emotional trauma of missing an arm had a massive impact on her life. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Shumaila’s Prosthetic Arm.

Despite all the challenges, Shumaila believes there is still a ray of hope. The use of the Above Elbow Prosthetic Arm can make the quality of life better for Shumaila. The passive prosthetics are lightweight and without moving components. These can improve the person’s capacity to hold or carry things.  However, they look less robotic than the powered/active prosthetics. The cost of the prosthetic is a significant barrier. Shumaila’s husband is the sole provider of the family. Shumaila says:

“I fancy doing all the things for my two children that I cannot do because of my disability. If only I could get a chance to overcome it, I would not feel this helpless. Though the disability does not go away, at least if I could afford and get a prosthetic arm, I would be the happiest mom. Due to our financial situation, it feels like a dream to me to have an artificial arm.”

Your small contribution can be a life-changer for Shumaila. You can help Shumaila conquer her disability by making donations for Shumaila’s prosthetic arm at the Transparent Hands crowdfunding portal. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Shumaila’s Prosthetic Arm. Donate today, donate NOW for this noble cause! 

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Shumaila Adnan's Story

Shumaila Adnan, aged 30 years, took an intramuscular injection that caused infection in her left arm. As a result, gangrene started developing in her arm that extended to her hand. The prescribed medications could not cure her condition. Therefore, the gangrenous arm had to be amputated above the elbow. Her doctor advised her to get an above elbow non-functional prosthetic arm that would assist her in movement and in lifting weight. Shumaila visited HOPE Rehabilitation Center and her prosthetic arm was placed under the supervision of Dr. Khalid Niazi on 25th Aug, 2021. She is happy to have received her new arm.

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