Donate for Usman Bilal’s Redo Atrial Switch

Donate for Usman Bilal’s Redo Atrial Switch

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Usman Bilal's Story

Usman Bilal is a two years old toddler who suffers from a congenital cardiac defect that requires an atrial switch operation. Usman needs your help immediately since his veins are narrowing with every day passing. This will be Usman’s second surgery. At first, Usman was diagnosed with TGA.  Due to which he has already undergone a senning operation exactly two years ago. Usman’s parents tremble at the sight of their fainting son, who turns blue & gags as the foam forms around his mouth because of his unstable cardiac condition. An atrial switch operation promises to put an end to Usman’s misery. Skipping the complex medical jargon, the idea behind such an operation is to restore the normal blood flow in the patient’s body. This is made possible by constructing an atrial baffle, the purpose of which is to redirect the incoming atrial blood. As a result, the connection between systemic & pulmonary circulation is restored effectively.

The reason why Usman’s family needs your help is the expensive nature of the procedure. You see, Usman’s father is a laborer by profession. All he earns is spent in providing provisions for the four-membered family. With no rainy-day-funds or assets up their sleeves, Usman’s parents find themselves unable to afford their boy’s operation. His father says:

“Usman is closer to my heart than you could ever understand or imagine. Sometimes, when he sits on my chest while playing, I can hear his troubled heart beating & I wish I could switch my heart with his heart. Ironically, Usman needs a switch also, but alas, of a different nature. One that I have no hopes of affording, at all”

It melts one’s heart, reading Usman Bilal’s story. If you think you can ease the poor boy’s suffering by donating for his atrial switch operation, then please don’t waste another moment. Donate for Usman, and it is best if you donate for the little NOW!  

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Usman Bilal's Story

Usman Bilal, aged 2 years, a resident of Bahawalpur suffered from cyanosis and dyspnea since birth. His body color changed to blue and he was feeling shortness of breath. After several tests, the doctors diagnosed him with TGA (transposition of great arteries) and an Atrial Switch surgery was performed on him in Ittefaq Hospital in 2019. But after a while, he began experiencing breathlessness and cyanosis again. He was investigated and was found to have an Atrial and Pulmonary Stenosis (AS and PS). The doctors suggested redoing the atrial switch operation. For this purpose, Usman Bilal was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital and his surgery was done by Dr. Asim Khan on 02.06.2021. Usman Bilal stayed in the hospital for four days. He was discharged in a stable condition.

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