Donate for Uzma Usman’s C Section

Donate for Uzma Usman’s C Section

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Uzma Usman's Story

Anticipating the birth of your child is a joy like no other. Thousands of imaginary plans are made every second with hope, love and expectation. Unfortunately, for some mothers, the joyous anticipation turns into an ordeal filled with distress. Such is the case with Uzma Usman. Uzma Usman has been married for five years now. Over these five years, she has given birth to a boy and a girl, 4 and 2 years old respectively. Due to several complications over the course of her pregnancies, both her babies were delivered through C section. Now, she is ready to give birth to her third child. The gynaecologist has advised a C section again.

Uzma Usman hails from Kachi Abadi – a low-income neighbourhood located in Multan. Her husband works as a labourer at a construction firm who hardly earns PKR 9000 per month. His income is barely enough to keep the household running let alone bear the expense of Uzma’s surgical procedure.

“Ever since the doctor told her that her third child too will be delivered through operation, Uzma has been crying. She fears that we will not be able to arrange the money for her safe delivery. She doesn’t fear losing her own life, but she is terrified at the thought of losing our baby’s life. Please help me save my wife and my baby. – Uzma Usman’s husband

With the help of her gynecologist, Uzma has registered her case with Transparent Hands. She is in dire need of your support. Your donations can help us save hers and her baby’s life. Please donate for Uzma Usman’s C section and donate as much as you can.

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Uzma Usman's Story

Uzma, 20 years old, was advised lower segment Caesarean section for the birth of her third child since she previously had two C-sections. For this purpose, she was admitted in Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital and the procedure was performed by Dr. Maria Khan on 17.12.2020. Uzma gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She stayed in the hospital for three days and was discharged in a stable condition. Uzma and her baby girl, both are doing well.

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