Donate for Uzma’s C-Section

Donate for Uzma’s C-Section

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Uzma Bibi's Story

Uzma Bibi is awaiting the birth of her baby. But, she does not have the means to arrange for her C-Section. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Uzma’s C-Section as much as you can.

Currently, Uzma Bibi is expecting her fourth child. Her first three children were delivered through a C-Section due to complications in the pregnancies. Considering her medical record and the history of caesarean sections,  and to prevent any risk to Uzma Bibi and her baby’s life, the gynecologist has advised Uzma to undergo a C-Section. Without a C-Section, Uzma and her baby’s life will stay compromised.  While the effectiveness of this procedure is not in question, there is no doubt that it is a fairly expensive procedure. Unfortunately, Uzma or her husband cannot afford the hefty cost of a C-Section. Uzma herself is a housewife. Her husband is the sole earner of the family. He works as a laborer on daily wages and hardly manages to earn PKR 600 per day. In this income, he is unable to pay for his wife’s C-Section. He told us:

“Our happiness was turned into hopelessness when her scan reports came out and the doctor informed us that she needs to undergo a C-Section. She had her previous childbirths through C-section but this time, the doctor has warned us that their lives are in danger and I’ll have to take extra care of them. A little carelessness could cost my wife’s or baby’s life.”

After a lot of distress, Uzma Bibi has registered her case with Transparent Hands. We wish to get her baby delivered into this world safely. But, we need your help with that. We request you to please donate for Uzma’s C-Section as much as you can. Donate now and help Uzma Bibi find a way out of her distress!

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Uzma Bibi's Story

Uzma Bibi, a 36-year-old resident of Multan, was expecting her fifth child. Upon checkup, the doctor suggested an elective Cesarean Section for Uzma because of the history of her previous four C-sections to avoid any complications. For this purpose, she was admitted to Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Trust to get her procedure done by Dr. Asim Iqbal on 28-12-21. Uzma welcomed her baby safely into this world. She was discharged after three days of hospital stay in a stable condition. Uzma and her baby were saved from any complications because of your help.

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