Donate for Wahab Jehanzeb’s Tonsils Removal Surgery

Donate for Wahab Jehanzeb’s Tonsils Removal Surgery

Wahab Jehanzeb
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Wahab Jehanzeb's Story

14-year-old Wahab Jehanzeb’s whole world turned upside down, a few months ago, when his father passed away in the Mardan bomb blast. The tragic loss of his father meant that now his mother was the sole earner in the family and had to take care of Wahab and his five siblings, all on her own.

When you live in such socio-economic circumstances, basic human needs like adequate healthcare facilities become an unaffordable luxury. For two years, Wahab has had the problem of recurrent sore throat and fever. When his condition did not get better, his uncle took him to the nearest hospital. He underwent detailed examination and was advised for tests. On reviewing the reports of the tests, the doctor diagnosed his condition as bilateral enlarged tonsils and recommended a tonsillectomy along with EUA (examination under anaesthesia) nasopharynx for adenoids. Tonsillectomy refers to a surgical procedure performed for the removal of tonsils.

This might be a permanent solution for his suffering, but Wahab’s family cannot afford this surgery. Most days, they cannot manage two meals a day for the entire family. Paying for a surgery, through their own pocket, would mean that his siblings would have to go to bed without food for weeks.

“I am a single mother struggling to bring up my little children, all on my own. These are times of inflation and I do not like asking other people for help. But, I am helpless. The worries pertaining to our financial constraints keep me up all night.”– Wahab’s mother.

In their time of need, Wahab’s family has relied on us and we are not going to let them down. But we need your support as well. Your financial contribution for his surgery will mean the world to his mother. So, do not think twice and make a generous donation for Wahab.

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Wahab Jehanzeb's Story

Wahab Jehanzeb, 14 years old, suffered from recurrent episodes of fever and throat ache. When the symptoms started appearing too rapidly, his mother took him to the doctor. On a complete check-up, he was diagnosed with bilaterally enlarged tonsils which caused recurrent adenotonsillitis. The ENT specialist advised surgery for him. Wahab was admitted to Ahmed Medical Complex and his adenotonsillectomy was performed by Dr. Syed Mudassir Shah on 12.12.2020. His adenoids and enlarged tonsils were removed. Wahab stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. His health has improved after the surgery.


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