Donate Hina Shaheen for her Hymenotomy

Donate Hina Shaheen for her Hymenotomy

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Hina Shaheen's Story

            “I’ve seen my girl growing up in front of my eyes with a desire to achieve something in life. Everything was going normal until she was diagnosed with her disease. We never realized that she was born with this birth defect which could affect her life badly. Please help us to pay for our daughter’s surgery and let her live a normal life.” – pleaded Hina’s mother

Hina is a 20 years old optimistic girl suffering from Imperforate Hymen, a condition where a membrane blocks the menstrual blood flowing out of the vagina every month. Hina carries a painful mass or a feeling of fullness in her lower abdomen due to the buildup of unreleased menstrual blood in her uterus. She also experiences stomach and back pain, difficulty in urinating and painful bowel movements. Hina wants to get married but she is mentally upset thinking about her disease which can affect her married life and she might not be able to conceive.

Hina has 7 sisters and 2 brothers and all of them are happily married except her. About 3 years ago, her father was injured at his workplace and since then, he is suffering from Left Hemiparesis due to which he is unable to work. Due to his health and weakness, he sells toffees and other small products at a small shop built outside his house. He earns around 300-400 PKR per day and manages his family within this meager income.

Hina needs surgery immediately but her father does not have the financial ability to pay for the hospital expenses. They came to know about Transparent Hands and they immediately contacted for her surgery. She is now scheduled for her Hymenotomy in a few days at Abid Hospital, Mian Channu.

At this moment, Hina desperately needs your help. Your donations can make a huge difference in her life and let her have normal menstrual periods for healthy living.

Your donation can ensure her a peaceful life after marriage and enjoy the essence of motherhood in the future.  Donate Now!

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