Donate to Ibrahim Rashid for his Colostomy Closure

Donate to Ibrahim Rashid for his Colostomy Closure

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Ibrahim Rashid's Story

“My poor financial condition has made it impossible for me to get my son treated fully. He was born with a birth defect and needs surgery; only because I cannot afford it, he continues to suffer. Please end my son’s misery by donating for him.” – Ibrahim’s father.

3.5 year old, Ibrahim Rashid was born with Hirschsprung Disease and as he was unable to pass stool, so his colostomy was done as an emergency procedure. Afterwards he underwent Duhamel Pull through procedure and now he needs his final surgery of Colostomy Closure.

His parents took him to the hospital where his earlier surgeries were done, but this time they refused to operate him free of cost.

Managing Ibrahim’s hygiene is a hassle for his mother. He needs to start school but is unable to do so because of his foul smelling bag.

Ibrahim’s has one younger brother. His father is a daily wager, earning about 10,000 PKR per month. His father also has the responsibility of his own parents and siblings; and they all live in a small house. It is impossible for his father to afford Ibrahim’s surgery.

Fortunately, they came to know about Transparent Hands and requested the organization for free surgical procedure.

Ibrahim is scheduled for his Colostomy Closure at Akram Medical Complex, through Transparent Hands. Please donate for this deserving toddler. Our help will let him begin school and live a satisfying life.

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Ibrahim Rashid's Story

Ibrahim Rashid 3 ½ years old boy underwent colostomy procedure after his birth for intestinal obstruction due to Hirschsprung’s disease. After that, he was advised Duhamel pull-through surgery which was done through Transparent Hands a few months ago. Now he came for his final surgery; colostomy reversal. His surgery was done in Akram Medical Complex on 22-08-19 by Dr. Naveed Haider. His colostomy was closed and intestinal continuity was restored. He stayed for 4 days in hospital and had good post-operative recovery. He was discharged in perfect health.

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