Donate Komal Mushtaq for her Vaginoplasty

Donate Komal Mushtaq for her Vaginoplasty

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Komal Mushtaq's Story

“Komal’s education should not stop just because she belongs to a poor family who cannot get her treated. Let’s help this poor girl so that she can have a good health and a better future ahead.”

Komal Mushtaq is a teenager, suffering from Congenital Bicornate Uterus and blocked Vaginal Vestibule. Her congenital abnormality has led to an underdeveloped uterus and she is also experiencing small growths on the vulva. She is at puberty but hasn’t started her periods normally, causing severe abdominal pain and discomfort every month.

She has visited almost all the local hospitals in her town but didn’t get any relief from medication. She needs to be examined under Anesthesia after which her surgery will be proceeded accordingly.

Komal’s family cannot afford to pay for her diagnosis, expensive surgery and other hospital bills. Her father is a patient of heart disease and is on medication from last 40 years. Her father has to stay back at home due to his ill health and is unable to go to work.

The whole family is dependent on their elder son who is working as a laborer to support his family financially. He hardly earns 15000 PKR per month and even within this meager income, he is sending his other 5 brothers and sisters to school because he understands the value of education.

Komal herself is a student of 8th class and is very eager to pursue her studies further. Her poor health has become a barrier to her education as she cannot attend her classes regularly because of pain and weakness.

“I had to give up my studies and start earning for my family from a very young age. I have always tried to provide the best I could for my family but now I’m really depressed. I don’t know how I would arrange such a big amount for my sister’s surgery.”- Komal’s elder brother. 

Komal and her brother need our kind consideration and financial help to overcome their hardships. Our donation can help Komal to recover from her disease and get a healthy life.

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Komal Mushtaq's Story

Komal Mushtaq 14 years old girl was suffering from cyclical lower abdominal pain since her puberty in the absence of menstrual cycle. She was worked up and found to have bicornuate uterus with vaginocele. Her examination was done under anesthesia which revealed closed vaginal orifice. Her vaginoplasty was done at the same time. Her surgery was done in Akram Medical Complex on 28-02-19 by Dr Naveed Haider. She recovered well in three days of hospital stay and was discharged in good health. Later on, she started her menstrual cycle regularly without any pain.

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