Donate Mudassar Haidar for his Herniotomy

Donate Mudassar Haidar for his Herniotomy

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Mudassar Haider's Story


“Your donation is the greatest gift you can give to this poor kid for his healthy childhood.”

Mudassar is a 6 years old boy who is suffering from RT Inguinal Hernia for last 4 years. He suffers from bulge along the pubic area, feels sharp pain in his abdomen while coughing, exercising or bending over, burning sensations in the groin area and vomiting. This type of hernia is also very painful and sensitive to touch.

Mudassar’s parents admitted him in a school last year. He is very fond of studying and loves to go to school. But unfortunately, his disease has started to affect his studies now. He cannot concentrate on his school properly due to severe pain and discomfort. It breaks his heart when he sees his friends going to school actively while he has to miss his classes due to ongoing pain.

He went to many hospitals for treatment but doctors have advised him to undergo surgery for permanent relief. Mudassar’s father is a daily wage laborer earning only 400 rupees per day and his mother works as a maid and earns only 2000 rupees per month. The monthly income of their family is about 8000 to 10000 which is not enough to feed this family of 4 members.

Mudassar parents had worked very hard every day to meet the surgical expenses but they were not able to collect full amount. The cost of surgery is completely beyond their reach. In this crucial time, Transparent Hands reached this family through someone. Mudassar is now scheduled for his herniotomy in a few days.

Mudassar and his family need our moral support at this moment. Our generous contribution for his surgery can give him a new and blessed life.

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Mudassar Haider's Story

6 years old Mudassar had hernia in his right groin since birth. It gradually increased in size and started causing pain. He was operated for his hernia on 30-12-18 in Abid Hospital, Mian Channu by Dr. Muhammad Kashif. His Rt herniotomy was done. He was discharged in perfect health after 2 days of hospital stay.

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