Donate Muhammad Ishfaq for his Cold Nodule Thyroid Surgery

Donate Muhammad Ishfaq for his Cold Nodule Thyroid Surgery

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Muhammad Ishfaq's Story

Despite hardships, he had always given us everything that we asked for. But now he is not even able to provide us two times meal due to his disease which is progressing fast with each passing day. I don’t want to lose my husband. He’s the greatest blessing I’ve ever had. I want nothing more than my husband to be as healthy as he was before.” – Muhammad Ishfaq’s wife.

Around one year ago, Muhammad Ishfaq noticed a little swelling in his neck. Initially, he ignored it completely but with the passage of time, it increased in size and lump was formed. He experienced pressure in neck along with severe pain. He took treatment from a local hospital but didn’t find relief. A year has passed but Ishfaq couldn’t get rid of his disease.

His lump has grown even bigger now. He feels difficulty while eating something which is making him weak with each passing day. Doctor recommended him to undergo surgery to remove the affected lobe but he cannot afford the expenses. Ishfaq is a daily wage labourer and earns around 400 rupees a day. Due to his disease, he cannot work often and struggle to feed his wife and 6 kids. Doctor has told him that further delay in surgery can form a cancer in his thyroid and can be life threatening.

Muhammad Ishfaq is now scheduled for his surgery (Left Lobectomy+ Isthmusectomy) in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. This family’s earnings and savings have been exhausted already. They are in desperate need of your support and donations.

“Please donate for my surgery. Any help from you will take me one step closer to living a healthy life” – Muhammad Ishfaq


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