Donate Muhammad Ramzan for his Braca 2 Surgery

Donate Muhammad Ramzan for his Braca 2 Surgery

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Muhammad Ramzan's Story

“Our world shattered when my husband died last year after Ramzan’s first surgery. His father was happy seeing his son recovering well. But today, he is no more with us to relieve our sufferings. I do not own anything in this world except my children and I cannot see any of them in pain. Please help us in our crucial time.”- pleaded Ramzan’s mother

Muhammad Ramzan is a 12 years old boy who was born with a birth defect; Hypospadias. Due to this medical condition, the opening of the Urethra wasn’t located at the right position in his body causing immense trouble in urination. He experiences severe pain and burning sensation while urinating.

His father took him to local hospitals for treatment but he didn’t get relief from anywhere. His father was financially not stable enough to pay for his son’s surgical expenses himself. He then visited Transparent Hands to get free surgical treatment for his son after being advised by a random person.

Ramzan was registered by Transparent Hands for series of surgeries for final repair. His Braca 1 surgical procedure was done first and the operation was conducted successfully at Akram Medical Complex in November 2017. Doctor advised him to undergo Braca 2 surgery after 6 months. Ramzan happily came home after his first surgery and he started to recover well. His whole family was very happy for him until April 2018, when his father died leaving his wife and 4 kids alone.

His mother started working as a maid to manage household expenses. His elder brother is also working as an electrician to support his mother and siblings. They earn a total of 12000 PKR per month which is insufficient to manage the healthcare expenses of Ramzan.

In these circumstances, we cannot turn our back to a needy patient and make him suffer without proper healthcare. Our kind consideration and generous giving can give Ramzan the hope to live a healthy and happy life. Please donate generously for Ramzan’s second surgery and let him live a life free of pain!

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Muhammad Ramzan's Story

Muhammad Ramzan 10 years of age was suffering from congenital hypospadiasis resulting in deformity of his genitalia. He was advised a series ofsurgeries to correct the defect. His first surgery (BRACA–I) was done in 2017 through Transparent Hands. He underwent his 2nd surgery on 25-04-19 in Akram Medical Complex by Dr Naveed Haider and BRACA–II procedure was done. He remained admitted for 4 days in hospital and had good post-operative recovery. He was discharged with follow-up advice for subsequent surgeries.

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