Donate Rasheeda Bibi for her Mastectomy

Donate Rasheeda Bibi for her Mastectomy

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Rasheeda Bibi's Story

“No one can understand the bitterness and misery of a daughter who has to take care of her whole family when her mother is on the verge of death. Let us come forward and stand beside this young woman to give her the financial aid and moral support that she never got from her own father who abandoned them.”

Rasheeda Bibi is suffering from right sided breast cancer. She had undergone her left breast surgery 15 years back. Now, she is living with breast lump and body aches from last three months. Doctor has advised her to undergo another surgery but her daughter cannot pay a huge sum for her operation.

Rasheeda’s daughter is a nurse at a hospital and earns only 30,000 rupees per month by doing double shifts. She is the head of the family and the only earning member because her father has abandoned them for a reason they still do not know. Since then, this irresponsible and heartless man never came back nor did he care about their hardships. Rasheeda has three sons and three daughters and all of them are getting their education in schools. They live in their uncle’s house because they do not have their own house.

“The day my father left, he had crushed my self-esteem and my validation as a human being both personally and socially. I never gave up. I had struggled day and night to meet the needs of my family. I did everything I could for my mother’s treatment but now the cost of her surgery is beyond my reach. She had suffered all her life both from emotional turmoil and physical pain. Please help me save my mother’s life and give her a permanent relief.”- Rasheeda’s daughter. 

Rasheeda is scheduled for her Mastectomy in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. Our collective donation for Rasheeda’s surgery can save her life and lift her children up who are currently living in miserable condition due to their mother’s health.

Your donation can help Rasheeda live some more years with her children. Please make a kind donation to Rasheeda to let her breathe, to live and exist.

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Rasheeda Bibi's Story

60 years old Rasheeda was diagnosed with Carcinoma of breast. She was worked up and advised mastectomy for her cancer. Her Right Modified Radical Mastectomy was done with axillary clearance on 19-12-18 at Akram Medical Complex by Dr. Ahmed Fawad. She had smooth post-operative recovery and was discharged in stable condition after 4 days of hospital stay.

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