Donate Salman Khan for his Epispadias Surgery

Donate Salman Khan for his Epispadias Surgery

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Salman Khan`'s Story

“I’m in a helpless situation. I don’t have any income now and struggling a lot to feed my whole family. I have to deposit a huge amount of money in the hospital to get my son’s treatment started, otherwise he would continue to suffer from hygiene and health issues even in the future.”- Salman’s father.

Salman Khan is 3 years old child who was unfortunately born with Epispadias, a medical condition that occurs when the pubic bone does not develop properly and causes the urinary passage to stick out through an abnormal opening.

He is suffering terribly since his birth as he cannot urinate properly like normal people. He has no control over his urine and it just happens even before he can realize it. All these are causing terrible hygienic issues because his clothes remain dirty all the time and a bad odor comes from his body.

His parents had visited many hospitals for his treatment and the doctors have advised him surgery for permanent relief.

Salman’s father is a daily wager in the vegetable market and hardly earns 300 to 400 PKR per day. Unfortunately, his father is jobless now because he got injury while working and fractured his foot. Now he cannot walk properly and perform any activity due to pain in foot. His family is already going through tough financial crises so it is impossible for them to pay for Salman’s surgery cost and other hospital bills.

When they couldn’t get any help from hospitals and their relatives they contacted TH for support and pleaded to us to conduct a free surgical procedure of their child.

At this moment, a needy family is looking forward to our financial aid. Our kind attention and support can help this family to overcome their troubles and bring a sigh of relief to them.

“Let us help a child today so that he can live a healthy and normal life.”

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Salman Khan`'s Story

Salman Khan 3 years of age was suffering from epispadias resulting in deformity of his genitalia. He was advised surgery to correct this defect. The repair of his epispadias was done in Akram Medical Complex on 28-02-19 by Dr Naveed Haider. He remained admitted for 3 days in hospital and had good post-operative recovery. He started voiding urine through his normal passage and was discharged in stable condition.

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