Donate Shagufta Bibi for her Cholecystectomy

Donate Shagufta Bibi for her Cholecystectomy

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Shagufta Bibi's Story

Eight years with a sore throat and five years with gallstones, Shagufta Bibi’s life has been a continuous struggle. She wants to be treated and return to her healthy life, but nobody is willing to help her.  Her children are extremely worried about her, and so is her husband, but they could not do anything because of financial issues!

Shagufta Bibi was 29 years old when she started suffering from a sore throat. Initially, she did not take it seriously and it led to complicated health issues in no time. She was diagnosed with gallstones and goiter, but after visiting many hospitals, she was still unwell. Shagufta Bibi is now 37 years old, and still suffering from the same issues to the extent that now she is unable to work or take care of her children. She cannot breathe properly and feels severe pain in her abdomen.

Shagufta Bibi has visited many clinics and hospitals where she was prescribed medicines but that could not provide her permanent relief. She couldn’t visit any private hospital for treatment due to lack of resources. Her husband is the sole earing person in the family and has the responsibility of his parents, wife, children and two younger brothers. He only earns 15,000 per month, which is not enough to treat his wife. The doctors have recommended that she must undergo surgery as soon as possible, otherwise she might not make it.

After being turned down from hospitals many times, Shagufta Bibi came to know about Transparent Hands and contacted for free surgical procedure. If Shagufta Bibi doesn’t get treated in time, she may not survive. Donate for her surgery as much as you can and give her a chance to live.

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Shagufta Bibi's Story

Shagufta Bibi 37 years old lady was suffering from upper abdominal pain and indigestion. She was diagnosed with Symptomatic Gallstones and was advised surgery for her condition. Her Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was done on 06-08-19 in Lahore Care Hospital by Dr. Ahmed Fawad. She remained admitted for 2 days in hospital and had smooth post-operative recovery. She was discharged in perfect health.

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