Donate Talha Parvaiz for his Urethroplasty

Donate Talha Parvaiz for his Urethroplasty

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Talha Parvaiz's Story

“Your donation for Talha’s surgery can give him a healthy childhood which he deserves.”

Talha is a 5 years old boy suffering from distal penile hypospadias – a medical condition where the urethra that carries urine from the bladder to outside of the body is misplaced. This condition makes it impossible for him to direct or control the urine stream.

Since his birth, the illness has caused him immense discomfort and he cries all the time due to pain. He is also unable to go to school as he cannot study properly due to his untreated illness.

Talha’s father is a daily wage laborer and hardly earns 9000 rupees per month. It is a very little amount to handle all the expenditures of a big family consisting of his wife, 3 children, his own old parents, his three brothers and a sister living in the same house. Talha’s father is a family-oriented man who dearly loves his children but does not have sufficient wealth to pay for the expensive surgery and hospital bills. Luckily, Talha’s first surgery for painful hernia was done in the month of December through Transparent Hands and now he is scheduled for a final Urethroplasty surgery after which, he’ll be able to live like a normal child.

Your donation has the power to heal Talha and give this little boy relief from his pain and agony. Please help Talha to grow up as a strong and healthy adult.

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Talha Parvaiz's Story

Talha Parvaiz 5 years of age was suffering from left inguinal hernia and hypospadias. He was also suffering from abnormal stream of urine. His hernia surgery was done through Transparent Hands after which he was advised surgery to correct the passage with urethroplasty. His surgery was done in Akram Medical Complex on 24-01-19 by Dr. Naveed Haider. He remained admitted for 2 days in hospital and had good post-operative recovery. He was discharged in good health.

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