Donate to Abdul Haq for His Septoplasty

Donate to Abdul Haq for His Septoplasty

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Abdul Haq's Story

“Sometimes, I get the feeling that my head is so heavy, it would explode. Even my vision gets blurred and there are waves of vertigo. And at night, I am unable to breathe through the nose at all, so my mouth gets really dry and I keep waking up. Recently, it feels like I haven’t slept in months.” – Abdul Haq

Abdul Haq, 23 years old, has a deviated nasal septum (DNS). Because of this, he experiences difficulty in breathing through the nose and severe symptoms including pain in the forehead, face, eyes, and lower body as well as eye redness, nasal blockage, and frequent fever. He also has enlarged turbinates, which are structures in the nose that cleanse air. This enlargement further interferes with his breathing. Lately, Abdul’s nose has started becoming so blocked that he has trouble sleeping at night. In order to find relief, he requires a reduction of the turbinates as well as a septoplasty surgery to correct the deviated septum.

Abdul has been working in a shoe factory since the tender age of 14 when he left 9th grade to lend a hand with the household expenses. His father, a street vendor, earns a very meager amount despite working over 12 hours each day. Together with Abdul’s salary, this family of six just has around 12,000 PKR each month to get by.

Abdul’s financial condition does not allow him to pay for this surgery. It is only possible through your donations.

To help out, please donate today.

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Abdul Haq's Story

Abdul Haq, 23 years old, was suffering from deflected nasal septum (DNS) for the last 10 years. He was advised a septoplasty - a surgical procedure to straighten the bone and cartilage dividing the space between the two nostrils and reduction of turbinate. His surgery was done on 04-09-2020 by Dr. Sami Mumtaz at National Hospital and Medical Centre. He recovered well after the surgery and remained admitted in the hospital for a day. He was discharged in a stable condition, returning back to his normal life.

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