Donate to Abdul Jabbar for His Urology Surgery

Donate to Abdul Jabbar for His Urology Surgery

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Abdul Jabbar's Story

3-year-old Abdul Jabbar has been suffering from pain in his left lumbar area and lower abdomen for the last four years. Recently, he has also started experiencing retention of urine. After consultation with his local clinic, he received medicines that only gave him temporary relief; his symptoms resurfaced soon afterwards. He has been diagnosed with a left ureteric stone, vesical calculi, and an enlarged prostate. For the last 2 months, these symptoms have gotten worse. He has been advised to have TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) surgery along with left ureteroscopy and DJ stenting.

Abdul Jabbar got married for the first time around 30 years ago. He has two happily married daughters and one son from that marriage. Unfortunately, his wife passed away 18 years ago due to a heart attack. Abdul remarried and now lives with his second wife. He works as a motorcycle mechanic, running a small shop in the corner of his village. He earns about 500 PKR per day, with an average of 12000 PKR per month. Due to his old age, he can’t work long hours so his son also helps him out at work. Currently, however, due to the lockdown as well as his deteriorating health, Abdul is earning barely anything.

“My survival depends on daily earnings from my repair shop. The shop has remained closed due to the lockdown but even before that, I could barely keep up the work due to my failing health. So many problems have started building up and are draining the strength out of me. I hope I get to see qualified doctors who can sort everything out soon.”- Abdul Jabbar

He is unable to seek the urgent medical help that he requires on his own but your donations can save him.

Please donate to Abdul. 

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Abdul Jabbar's Story

Abdul Jabbar, 63 years old, was suffering from pain in his left lumbar area and back. He was diagnosed to have stones in his left ureter and urinary bladder, and BPH (enlarged prostate). He was advised surgery to relieve the blockage and remove the stones. His surgery was done by Dr. Asif Hameed, on 19-05-20, in Abid Hospital, Mian Channu. His uretrorenoscopy (URS), lithoclasty and DJ stenting along with TURP surgery and cystolitholapaxy were done. He stayed for 3 days in the hospital and was discharged pain free and in good health.


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