Donate to Abdul Nabi for His Angiography + PCI

Donate to Abdul Nabi for His Angiography + PCI

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Abdul Nabi's Story

Abdul Nabi, age 51, has been suffering from chest pain and shortness of breath for the past one month. The doctor at his local hospital prescribed him some medicines and referred him to a cardiologist, who has diagnosed Abdul with heart disease. He has been advised angiography for further investigation, followed by angioplasty to remove the obstruction in his vessels.

Abdul Nabi has a wife and 7 children to support. Since all his children still attend school, he is the sole breadwinner in his family. Abdul works as a farmer and earns around 7000 PKR a month. This is not even enough to last the family for 2 weeks. Apart from his income, Abdul has no other resources and does not own a house. He lives in a small cottage temporarily granted to him and his family by his landlord.

“I have been feeling pain in my chest for quite some time now. I can’t walk for five minutes without feeling out of breath. It is almost impossible for me to work in the fields these days because I get tired two minutes into work. I am afraid if this continues, my landlord would let me go. I’ll not only lose my job but also my home. I will have nowhere to take my family” – Abdul Nabi discussing his situation with TH.

In these dire financial circumstances, it is impossible for Abdul to accommodate the expenses of two expensive cardiac procedures.

With your help, however, he can move forward with his treatment.

Please consider donating to Abdul.

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Abdul Nabi's Story

Abdul Nabi, 51 years old, was experiencing frequent episodes of sweating and chest pain. He was diagnosed as a case of ischemic heart disease and was advised percutaneous intervention (PCI). His procedure was done in Patel Hospital, on 30-03-20, by Dr. Rizwana Yasmeen. Stents were placed in 2 of his blocked coronary arteries. The procedure was successful and the patient was discharged 2 days after the procedure with full recovery.


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