Donate to Abida Parveen for Her Mesh Hernioplasty

Donate to Abida Parveen for Her Mesh Hernioplasty

Abida Parveen
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Abida Parveen's Story

Life for Abida Parveen of district Okara has been a threefold misery so far. And it dawned on her all of a sudden, all at once when she went for an ultrasound check-up. Little did Abida know that the pain in her stomach that she felt during her pregnancy was indicative of paraumbilical hernia. The 44-year-old patient had been experiencing discomfort for a decade, but the news came as a shocking revelation. However, Abida’s woes weren’t limited to the discovery of this hernia. In a follow-up visit, it was found out that she suffers from two other major illnesses as well, namely diabetes and hepatitis C.

Mesh hernioplasty is better understood as a repair surgery. In case the tissues of a region become weakened and you develop hernia, mesh hernioplasty is considered to be the safest way of strengthening. In simpler words, a mesh patch is sewn over the weakened region of tissue. But that patch is not within everyone’s reach. And since Abida belongs to a not-so-privileged section of the community, she doesn’t want to think about this surgical procedure that can make her life a bit easier.

“Doctors tell me my paraumbilical hernia is perfectly treatable, all I need is a mesh hernioplasty and I will be as good as normal. What they don’t understand is that all that I and my mother earn are 12,000 PKR/ month. We have to provide for my seven children and pay the house rent with this money. And for me, an idea of a costly surgical procedure is too unrealistic, even if it puts me out of my misery”

It might appear to you that Abida has lost all of her hopes. Yes, all but one. She has put her faith in Transparent Hands, and we are putting our faith in you. Help Abida Parveen by donating for her mesh hernioplasty through this crowdfunding portal. Donate for her, but most importantly, donate for her NOW! 


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Abida Parveen's Story

Abida Parveen, 44 years of age, suffered from extreme pain due to a lump in her umbilical region. After the checkup, she was diagnosed with a paraumbilical hernia and was advised a mesh hernioplasty. Her surgery was done on 27-11-2020 by Dr. Ahmad Fawad at Lahore Care Hospital, Lahore. A mesh patch was sewn after repair of the hernia defect. She remained admitted in the hospital for four days after her surgery and was discharged in a satisfactory condition.

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