Donate to Adil Shehzad for His Total Hip Replacement

Donate to Adil Shehzad for His Total Hip Replacement

Adil Shahzad
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Adil Shehzad's Story

30-year-old Adil Shehzad started experiencing hip and back pain in early 2019. He started a course of painkillers for pain management but even though the course alleviated his symptoms, it did not take care of the underlying problem which was avascular necrosis of both of his hip joints. This condition results in the death of bone tissue, leading to its degeneration.

Once the medication course ended, Adil went to a local hospital for an MRI but his doctor never got back to him about the results. He then sought help from a different local hospital and this time, orthopedic surgery for avascular necrosis was performed on both sides. Adil was not given any follow-up appointments for the surgery of his left leg, however, and he once again became a victim of medical negligence.

After having tried several times to find resources for the surgery of his left leg, Adil gave up hope for a bit. His own salary of just 22,000 PKR/month can barely support the needs of his family. With 11,000 PKR rent to pay each month and the responsibility of three school-going children, he does not have the freedom to seek treatment at a private hospital. It wasn’t until he got to know of Transparent Hands that he decided to try one more time.

“I received a call from a doctor at one of the clinics I had visited several months ago and he told me to ask TH for help. By then, I had given up but I decided that there was no harm in trying one more time. I was overjoyed to know that my case qualified for registration and that my operation might finally be arranged!” – Adil

This time, we don’t want Adil to be turned away or neglected, so we are working to support him. If you are with us, please send your contributions to Adil by clicking Donate Now.

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Adil Shehzad's Story

Adil Shehzad, 30 years old, was suffering from bilateral avascular necrosis (AVN) of his hip joints. He was advised a total hip replacement (THR) of the left side. His surgery was done on 11-09-2020 by Dr. Zahid Siddique at Lahore Care Hospital. He remained admitted in the hospital for four days after the surgery and was discharged in a stable condition. Present day, Adil can now walk properly, just like everyone around him.

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