Donate to Ali Hassan for His Herniotomy

Donate to Ali Hassan for His Herniotomy

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Ali Hassan's Story

Ali Hassan, 5 years old, started developing lump, pain, and irritability in his right inguinal area shortly after birth. Since his parents couldn’t even afford to take him to the hospital, they just gave him medicines for colicky pain. In the last month, however, after almost 5 long years of bearing this condition, Ali’s pain has intensified and he cries constantly. His parents borrowed some money to have him checked-up and found out that he has a right inguinal hernia. Ali has been advised right herniotomy surgery to fix it but owing to his family’s financial constraints, he still cannot have the surgery.

Ali’s father tends to cattle for a landlord, earning just under 10,000 PKR each month. He has a total of five family members to support, who all live in a house temporarily granted to him by his employer. Ali’s mother used to handle part of the household expenses working as a housemaid but in the frenzy of social isolation during the recent coronavirus outbreak, she was let go from her job. Now, all this family has is a small paycheck of 10,000 PKR to depend on each month.

“We were so desperate that we had to self-medicate our child. We couldn’t even afford a proper consultation without borrowing money so you can probably estimate how tight money is in our household. Ali’s pain is unbearable for us as his parents but solutions do not magically appear for people like us.” – Ali’s father

Ali’s situation can greatly benefit from each new contribution. As part of the Transparent Hands community, help us carry out his surgery by donating to him.

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Ali Hassan's Story

Ali Hassan, 5 years old, was suffering from pain & swelling in his right groin. He was diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia. He was advised surgery to fix it. He was operated in Lahore Care Hospital by Dr. Sajid Iqbal on 17-07-20. His herniotomy was done. He remained admitted for 1 day and was discharged in a satisfactory condition.


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