Donate to Alisha Bibi for Her Excisional Surgery

Donate to Alisha Bibi for Her Excisional Surgery

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Alisha Bibi's Story

“When the swelling wouldn’t go away, we got really worried that it might be something serious like cancer. Thankfully, the doctor has reassured us that it is not. But the lump is still very painful for my little girl and needs to be removed for the pain to go away.” – Alisha’s mother

15-year-old Alisha Bibi is suffering from a benign epidermal cyst on the right side of her neck. She was playing with her friends out on the streets when during a game, one of her friends accidentally hit her between the neck and the shoulder. There was some swelling around the injured area and pain. The next day, the pain increased and the swelling became more prominent, appearing as a tumor. Her parents got her treated by the doctor. Later the doctors informed them that Alisha has developed a benign cyst that needs excisional surgery under general anesthesia.

Her parents tried two local hospitals but due to a lack of space, these establishments prescribed Alisha medicines and sent her home. A private hospital agreed to admit her but demanded a lot of money for the surgery. Alisha’s father is a rickshaw driver who is barely earning 6000 PKR/month nowadays due to the reduced rush hours during the coronavirus outbreak. Other than Alisha, he has four more children and his wife to support on this meager amount. Since he cannot afford his daughter’s surgery himself, he has appealed to Transparent Hands to help him out.

Please donate now to help us arrange for Alisha’s surgery.

Your contributions will be highly appreciated by this family in their hour of need.

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Alisha Bibi's Story

Alisha Bibi, 16 years old, was suffering from swelling on the right side of her neck for the last 4 months. She was diagnosed with cystic hygroma and was advised excision under anesthesia. Her surgery was performed by Dr. Ahmad Fawad, on 23-07-20, in Lahore Care Hospital. She stayed for 1 day in the hospital and was discharged pain-free.

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