Donate to Amar Maqsood for His Implant Removal

Donate to Amar Maqsood for His Implant Removal

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Amar Maqsood's Story

23-year-old Amar Maqsood severely damaged his right leg in a terrible road accident he experienced 4 years ago. He underwent emergency repair surgery for it in which the doctors placed a metal plate in his leg. Half a year later, he recovered well but then, the plates started causing pain. Now, because of the plate, his leg hurts a lot, particularly around the wound site. He has approached Transparent Hands for help with the surgical removal of these plates.

Amar’s family has been through a series of misfortunes in their lives which has left them with little to no resources to their name.

“I was just seven when my father passed away. He was the earner in the family so suddenly, we lost our father along with any financial stability we had. My mother, with five small children, worked hard to keep us alive. She worked long hours each day, cleaning people’s houses to feed her children. We had no place to live so we stayed at my grandparents but after only a year and a half, we got kicked out of their house and were back on the streets. We tried to claim the property my father had accumulated before his death but somehow, our uncles took possession of that. Now, the 6 of us live in a small two-bedroom cottage, I try to run a shop that pays basically nothing, my brothers hold petty jobs occasionally and my mother is too old to work. We are not familiar with any comforts of this life whatsoever.” – Amar Maqsood

Amar runs a small rented shop where he sells poultry. On his best days, after paying the shop’s rent and utility bills, he just earns a profit of 10,000 PKR. Mostly, this is all he and his family have to meet their living expenses.

With a contribution from everyone supporting TH, we can fund Amar’s surgery at no cost to him. If you would like to support him, please donate today.

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

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Amar Maqsood's Story

Amar Maqsood, 23 years old, complained about pain in his right leg. He had an accident 4 years ago which resulted in a fracture. He was treated by an open reduction with plating. After a year, he had been advised to get the plates removed but did not follow up. Since the plates were causing him pain, he was advised to get an implant removal for the second time. His surgery was performed by Dr. Abdul Latif in Lahore Care Hospital on 28-07-20. He was admitted in the hospital for 2 days and later, was discharged in a stable condition.

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