Donate to Ammar Ali for His VSD Closure Surgery

Donate to Ammar Ali for His VSD Closure Surgery

Ammar Ali
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Ammar Ali's Story

“He is two years old and has been in so much pain since the day he was born. He cannot even express his pain and agony that he is experiencing every second. Doctors gave many medicines, but nothing would comfort him. I’m longing to see him smile and live without any pain. Please help us” – Ammar’s mother

Ammar Ali, 2 years-of-age was born with a large ventricular septal defect commonly known as a hole in the heart. Doctors had diagnosed his disease only after a couple days of coming into the world. This little soul has been suffering from severe symptoms of chest infections and high fevers since he was born. An ECHO was conducted which revealed that he was suffering from VSD and needed surgery as soon as possible. At that time, the doctors couldn’t schedule a surgery since Ammar was only a couple days old, and instead gave him medication.

Doctors have advised him to get a VSD closure (open heart surgery) once he’s old enough. But Ammar’s condition is critical since the size of the hole in his heart is causing severity of symptoms. If the ventricular septal defect is not repaired, his heart may fail and can also affect his lungs while deteriorating his health conditions further.

Ammar’s father works at a private firm and earns only 25,000 PKR a month while his mother has no job since she has to stay home to look after her baby. With such a meagre income he can’t afford to pay for his sons’ surgery. His parents knocked on every door from where they could get help for his treatment, but all attempts went in vain.

Ammar’s mother held him in her arms with tears in her eyes as she pleaded for Transparent Hands for his surgery. Ammar is now scheduled for his open-heart surgery, but it will be possible only if you come forward and help this family in their time of need.

Ammar’s weak heart needs our help to keep it beating every second. Your donation for his surgery can give him a gift of new life. Without surgery, every second bring him one step closer to death.

Donate for his surgery now!

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Ammar Ali's Story

Ammar Ali, aged 2 years, suffered from shortness of breath on little exertion and his skin also took a bluish hue. These symptoms were evident since he was born. His parents got worried and took him for medical consultation. Ammar’s test reports showed that he had a ventricular septal defect (VSD) since birth. VSD refers to a hole in the heart. The cardiologist advised surgery for VSD closure. For this purpose, Ammar was admitted to The University of Lahore Teaching Hospital and the defect was repaired surgically by Dr. Salman A. Shah on 12-Feb-21. He stayed in the hospital for five days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Ammar’s health has improved a great deal since the surgery.

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