Donate for Asia Bibi’s Cataract Surgery

Donate for Asia Bibi’s Cataract Surgery

Asia Bibi
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Asia Bibi's Story

37-year-old Asia Bibi hails from the city of saints, Multan. She is a proud mother of three children, one of whom works as a mason, and brings home a slim amount of 2,000 PKR/ week. And that is all Asia Bibi’s family has got to manage and survive life. The fact that the family lives in a rented house at a rent of 5,000 PKR per month doesn’t make things any rosier. In circumstances like these, the news that Asia Bibi has cataracts in both of her eyes couldn’t have been anymore unwelcome. Somehow, Asia got her right eye treated through surgery. But the family doesn’t have enough funds for the surgical treatment of her left eye. Asia’s sense of vision is deteriorating fast, but her sense of keeping her hopes realistic has not diminished yet.

“I have been advised to undergo a surgical procedure called left phacoemulsification for the treatment of my eye cataract. Our family income is 8,000 PKR/month and one of my sons suffers from hepatitis B disease. I have got no realistic hopes of affording an expensive surgical treatment like phacoemulsification”

In case you are wondering how phacoemulsification works, let us briefly recap what happens in this surgical treatment. The internal lens of your eye with cataracts is emulsified using ultrasonic energy. Once the emulsification process is completed, the lens is replaced with an artificial lens. The process is called an IOL implant and serves well to make a person see properly once again.

Well, you know all about the disease. You know all about Asia Bibi’s woes. And there is only one-way Asia Bibi can be helped now. Yes, you guessed it right, Transparent Hands. The organization has decided to help Asia Bibi by raising funds for her surgery. But we need your help. Donate NOW for Asia Bibi’s cataract surgery at Transparent Hands! 

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Asia Bibi's Story

Asia Bibi, 37 years old, was suffering from a cataract in her left eye since the last four years. She previously had a cataract surgery of her right eye and was now losing sight from her left eye. The ophthalmologist suggested her to get a left phaco with IOL insertion in which the eye's internal lens is emulsified using ultrasonic energy and replaced with an intraocular lens implant. Her surgery was done on 29-09-2020 by Prof. Dr. Hassan Raza at Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital. She remained admitted in the hospital for a day and was discharged with stable vitals in a satisfactory condition. Asia Bibi has now resumed her normal life.


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