Donate to Aysha Bibi for Her Cardiac Surgery

Donate to Aysha Bibi for Her Cardiac Surgery

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Aysha Bibi's Story

“Aysha is my only daughter and we got her after praying to God every day for a girl. It is my urgent appeal to everyone to save my little daughter please.” –  Aysha’s father, Abdul Rehman

8-month-old Aysha Bibi was born with a severe congenital heart defect known as a complete atrioventricular canal (CAVC). The tissue between the left and right side of her heart has a large hole in it. This results in malformed valves that don’t close properly, causing oxygen-rich blood to go back towards the lungs instead of being pumped to the rest of the body. Aysha’s heart has to work much harder to circulate blood. If this condition is left unattended, it could cause an enlarged heart or other severe consequences soon.

Aysha’s parents found out about her condition 4 months after her birth. They took her to a cardiologist who diagnosed her and recommended BT shunting- a surgery to divert and minimize the mixing of bloodstreams. Her parents applied to three cardiac institutions for a free procedure but due to an overload of coronavirus cases, their request has not been entertained yet.

Abdul Rehman, Aysha’s father, works as a teacher and earns 30,000 PKR/ month for his wife and three small children. He and his family live in a joint family system with 11 other members. Abdul Rehman not only has to look after his own children but also has to contribute towards the expenses of the extended family. He cannot afford his daughter’s medical expenses on his own and has requested the help of Transparent Hands.

Your kindness might be able to save a little girl and give her hope for the future.

Please donate to Aysha.

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Aysha Bibi's Story

Aysha, 9 months old, had cyanosis and breathlessness since birth. She was diagnosed with a complete atrioventricular canal (CAVC) defect and was advised open-heart surgery for palliation. Her surgery was done in Ittefaq Hospital through Pakistan Children Heart Foundation, on 01-06-20, by Dr. Muhammad Asim Khan. Her BT shunt was done. She had good post-operative recovery and was discharged in a healthy condition after 6 days of hospital stay.

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