Donate to Bashir for His AV Fistula Formation

Donate to Bashir for His AV Fistula Formation

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Bashir -'s Story

“I have been responsible for others all my life. My parents passed away when we were very young and I was the only brother of 9 sisters. The responsibility of looking after them, making sure they are married and happy, fell on me. Now, I am responsible for my small children. I have never had the luxury to slow down and take care of my own health and perhaps that is what led me to this state.” –  Bashir talking to TH

38-year-old Bashir has been suffering from chronic kidney problems since 2017. They started when he developed kidney stones for which he was prescribed medicines. The major stone soon passed out of his system on its own but a few remnants stayed in his kidneys. With the regular use of medicines, he recovered from this problem completely. For around 10 months after, he stayed healthy but the problem resurfaced after that. This time, his doctor treated the stones with radiation. Bashir again recovered but by this time his kidney function had completely failed due to irreversible damage caused by the stones.

Due to his chronic kidney disease, Bashir’s doctor recommended that he get dialysis regularly. He first started getting dialyzed at a government hospital through a vessel in his neck. After the outbreak of coronavirus, however, he was refused appointments there. Bashir then shifted hospitals and was told that in order to perform dialysis efficiently, it needs to be carried out through a fistula on his arm, instead of his neck. It is for the formation of an AV fistula on his arm that Bashir requires the help of Transparent Hands.

Bashir is currently employed at a brick factory, getting paid 10,000-12,000 PKR/month to support his wife and 5 small children. Lately, as his health condition has worsened, he hasn’t been going to work. He does not own any valuables or even a house of his own; he and his family have been lent a small cottage by his employer. Since he cannot afford this procedure on his own, he put in a request for donations.

To help doctors carry out Bashir’s dialysis in the best way possible, please donate to him for his AV fistula formation.

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Bashir -'s Story

Bashir, 38 years old, was suffering from chronic kidney disease from the past three years. He was advised to get hemodialysis through an arteriovenous fistula formation (an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein with which blood flows directly from an artery into a vein, bypassing some capillaries) in his left arm. He was treated by Dr Faisal Masood on 05-08-20 at Lahore Care Hospital. He remained admitted for a day and was discharged in good health. With your help, Bashir has resumed a normal life.

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